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Committed to future generations and additionally profit from the economic success - that is LIOcoin 2.0!


What is LIOcoin?

In 2022, LIOcoin celebrated its 5th birthday and is thus already one of the dinos in a crypto market characterized by massive, constant changes. Many market participants/projects have not been able to keep up with these changes and have disappeared into oblivion along with the capital invested. After 2 years of intensive development time for its own blockchain, LIOcoin was launched as a digital currency in the fall of 2017. Subsequently, clear goals and milestones were defined and a lot of time, menPower and capital was invested. Many milestones have already been achieved. LIOcoin aims to offer its users real added value. In this context, tradability and liquidity are decisive factors for a digital asset. To be able to guarantee this, those responsible decided to convert LIOcoin to BinanceChain in the first half of 2022. With its blockchain technology, the BinanceChain network is one of the most widely used applications and, thanks to its global recognition, significantly simplifies listing on trading exchanges, for example.


Under the umbrella of Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd, specialists from the fields of blockchain technology, investment banking, business lawyers, etc. joined forces back in 2015 to develop a digital asset that has what it takes to revolutionize the market. At best, the LIOcoin would act as an alternative means of payment to the common fiat currencies (USD, Euro, Pound, etc.) in the future, according to the ambitious mindset of the founders and developers. From today's perspective, it can be said that the countries of this world will not allow their monopoly position as currency guardians to be disputed and are themselves working intensively on the development of digital currencies. The containment of cash transactions is already a reality and in some states cash payments are already completely excluded. Following the motto: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," the GCS team has always examined many possible uses and pursued various goals. The changes in the market and the unchecked regulatory frenzy often proved to be major challenges and tied up a lot of time and menPower. Necessary changes of course were also always associated with a high capital outlay. Committed to itself and to all those who have always accompanied LIOcoin with great patience, capitulation was never an option. The launch of LIOcoin 2.0 is a response to the changes in the market and another important milestone in the history of LIOcoin.

Our Mission

Our ambition was and still is to create added value with the LIOcoin.
Certainly, on the one hand, we are talking about added values in the sense of "being more valuable", that is, a positive development of the price of the LIOcoin. On the other hand, this one means at least as much if not more to us, we are talking about added value in the sense of "creating an added value, a real benefit for society".
LIOcoin as a digital asset offers the possibility to provide both.

Tokenomics LIOcoin

The structure of a cryptocurrency's economy determines the incentives that encourage investors to buy and hold a specific coin or token. Just like how fiat currencies are all different, each cryptocurrency has its own monetary policy. Tokenomics determine two things about a crypto economy - the incentives that set out how the token will be distributed and the utility of the tokens that influence its demand. Supply and demand has a huge impact on price, and projects that get the incentives right can surge in value.

Protocol: BSC

Token Name: LIOcoin

Standard: BEP20

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000





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LIOcoin goes green

Digital currencies such as bitcoin are repeatedly mentioned in the context of extremely high energy consumption. LIOcoin 2.0 is based on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, which has an extremely low energy requirement due to the resource-efficient "delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism". That's all well and good, but....LIOcoin goes much further:

Linking digital world and real world

By leveraging the BinanceSmartChain, LIOcoin 2.0 can provide future solutions for the most important applications of this century.

Through the global network of GCS, LIOcoin offers its users the opportunity to leave their own personal CO2 footprint and thus actively do something for the environment and future generations.

LIOcoin bundles the CO2 sequestration of large forests and plantations worldwide (commitments for almost 1 million Ha of forest area have already been made) into a "digital certificate" and actively supports the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.

CO2 certificates are traded today at lucrative conditions and represent a valuable asset, which now integrated into the LIOcoin, offers a high value appreciation potential for investors.

CO2 certificates

Climate protection, climate change, greenhouse effect - in all these topics, one term plays a central role: carbon dioxide. It is not only natural processes that release CO2, but above all mankind that leaves a large CO2 footprint on the earth. Since the beginning of industrialization, more and more carbon dioxide has been released worldwide through the combustion of coal, crude oil or natural gas in industry or for heating. Every world climate summit in the past has clearly shown us that the economic interests of the large member states still take precedence over the protection of our climate. What good is it in the end if, for example, Europe acts as a pioneer in the implementation of agreed targets and growth states such as China, India and also the USA, which together account for over 50% of global CO2 emissions, continue to break all previous emission limits in the future? It is far from sufficient to limit the climate targets of the Paris Agreement to a maximum of 1.5 °C global warming or merely to reduce emissions. In addition, we need to store emitted CO2, because the amount we need to permanently remove from the atmosphere is enormous. It is expected that about 800 Gt of CO2 will have to be removed from the atmosphere. Economic incentives and political framework conditions are needed to achieve such goals. According to a study by the Federal Environment Agency in Germany, costs of 180€/t CO2 arise, while the ton of CO2 is traded at 25€. An adjustment is needed here in a timely manner. The world's second largest reinsurance company Swiss Re has stated that costs will rise to about 200€/t CO2 by 2030. Trading prices per ton of CO2 will break the 200€/t CO2 in the foreseeable future. The carbon allowance market and carbon credits create financial incentives for companies to reduce or offset their CO2 emissions. Depending on the stage of development of each company, it may not be possible to reduce emissions quickly. The result would be that companies would have to produce at ever higher costs and would no longer be competitive. The global carbon credit market was estimated at $211.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $2,407.8 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 30.7% between 2020 and 2027. LIOcoin offers the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while benefiting from an investment with high value potential. With LIOcoin, we connect CO2 certificates on a blockchain basis as so-called "Non fungible Tokens" (NFT) that can be stored in the personal own wallet. These can be traded on Carbonfuture.earth, for example. LIOcoin certifies forests and plantations all over the world and can therefore already compensate many tons of CO2.


Lio NFTs from the hands of our designers, we brought together those we wanted to make a difference with NFTs of clean and polluted air.!







The digitalization of CO2 certificates (tokenization) enables secure and transparent transfer and trading. Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is traceable. In the form of NFT`s, providing verified proof of climate protection certificates in digital form is child's play. Using BinanceSmartChain opens up access to various international trading platforms such as Pancakeswap, so that liquid trading should be guaranteed at all times. Another advantage is that this lucrative market segment is now accessible to everyone, so that it is not only institutional investors who benefit, as was previously the case, but also the "small investor".


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